Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Carpet dosai

The other day, Nisha had prepared dosai maavu for two people. She was told that dosai maavu can be made sour, by placing it near heater in the room (Remember we are in UK, and getting curd sour or batter sour is not possible by natural means!). If the maavu is not pulippu, then dosa or idly may not be very tasty. Apparently, she was asked to keep dosai maavu near the heater so that flour can rise up and also become sour overnight.

Nisha was thoughtful enough to keep the maavu vessel on a plate to avoid having the maavu spilt on rugged carpet we have. So far, so good.

Sriram - given his playfulness - I ensure mostly, we do not have easy-to-manipulate-by-Sriram-stuffs lying around on floor overnight.

These include
slippers, pins -- he will put them in mouth
paper, tissue paper, books -- he loves to tear them to fine pieces
noisy rattler/toys -- well, we don't want to wake up with a headache
mobile phone -- ah dont want exhaust inclusive minutes this way; he loves pressing random buttons - on a speed dial, my account manager mobile number is on top; so...

This dabba was never on a alert-Sriram-priority list. Infact, this was the first time (and Sriram ensured that it is last time too) the dabba was lying around.

Sriram woke up by 6:45am and started crying to be let on the floor. Wanting to steal another 10 minutes of sleep, Sriram was embarked onto floor.

I woke up by 6:55am exactly; and by 8:10am, me and Nisha were short of two dosais to eat. The two dosais shortage was because Sriram made a carpet dosai.


At 1:56 AM, Blogger cvraman said...

Who ate those Dosas....

At 5:23 AM, Blogger Guruprasad said...

i have prepared and kept them for you in the fridge - deep freeze karkay!

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