Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Sriram -- Aandu Niraivu

About Sriram on his aandu niraivu:
Sriram has become quite playful and understands small words. He can now understand and point to a few objects. He now can crawl very well, and he keeps running around. He is quite fun-loving and playful, but never a pest or a cry-baby. He is cheerful and any given pint of time, his laughter can cheer us up like anything..he very cutely bends his head to look at us...he keeps babbbling something, and tries to make a conversation with us...he tries to grab our attenti! on when we dont pay him attention wth some babbling or some funny act...really cute fellow...

And about aandi niraivu celebrations:
Poor Sriram, he had fever and cold. For his birthday, we wanted to go to London-based temple, but we went to a Doctor instead - Dr. Mahmud- GP in Billericay. Normal Flu.

Now he is back to normal self. Explained by his culinary skills in carpet dosai(see prev post)


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