Wednesday, April 13, 2005

From Daddy to Caddie

Football is a popular sport in UK. And Sriram knows that well. Morning when we wake up, he won't drink milk; nor will he let me brush my teeth. He will take a small football I got for him, and will ask me to play football with him.

Now rules are different when playing football with Sriram. It is not like he will kick the football and I will kick it again, so on and so forth. He can't walk all by himself, still unsteady. So, I have to hold him by his arms, and position him in front of the ball. He will give a hard-kick. Then, I will have to carry him, run behind the ball. When it stops, he has to be positioned again. So he plays.

To me it looks more like his version of golf and football.

In a way, am his caddie! From Daddy to caddie -- interesting.


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