Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Poorna aahuthi

Last sunday - April 17, 2005, we had Sriram's ayush homam conducted at London East ham Mahalakshmi Temple. Wow, I never had an ayush homam for myself, and this lad has it in UK!!!

The function went on well, and had a moderate friends turnout. The homam lasted for one and quarter hour. Through out the homam, Sriram took it in stride and sat silently. He was generally sweet and watching all that the purohithar was doing.

Purohithar offered purna aahuthi (the final offering that ends the homam) to the yagna flames. When the yagna was completed, Sriram thought after all it is his ayush homam and he should offer something.

He dropped his silicone soother from his mouth into homa gundam as his 'purna aahuthi'


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