Thursday, May 05, 2005

Sriram - oru siru kurippu

Sriram is growing more confident about standing up and walking on his own. He manages five or six steps without any support. He is clever enough not to fall down when he loses balance, he simply bends down and catches the ground for support. These days he tries to imitate Guru or me a lot. He keeps watching me when I comb my hair and takes the comb to do his hair. I give him his comb and he correctly places the brush part on his head and does a sweeping motion. He likes to eat what we eat. He’d always be interested in what I bring in my plate or Guru’s plate. If we are eating, he has to taste it. But if we give him tomato sauce he’ll just run away and we can eat in peace. Likewise he wore my neck chain. I don’t know when he saw me wearing it or how I wore it, but he was wearing it in his neck. Most of the times, he just amazes me with his or for that matter babies learning skills in general.

Guru taught him how to clap with his hands. I’d been trying to get him to clap for sometime now. He’d simply laugh and crawl away whenever I asked him to clap. Couple of days back, he learnt how to clap. He was so funny in the beginning. First time he missed hitting his left palm with his right. From then on, he kept staring at his left palm, frowning with concentration, and slapped the right palm on top of the left.

These days he likes to play on his own for sometime during the day. He keeps playing with the TV remote control for hours together. First he’d remove the batteries and try to fix them back. Obviously, he’d not be able to put the batteries back, but he’d keep trying. Sometimes he plays over an hour just with the remote control. I’m just amazed at how the babies can have such patience and perseverance.

He’s such a cheeky little fellow. He’d do all the mischief and give me an ear-to-ear grin. I don’t get much choice but to grin back, no matter how seriously I want to scold him for his mischief. He’s such a dear boy. I’m so proud of him.


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