Thursday, June 02, 2005

Viva voce - Sriram

Somewhere round his first birthday, Sriram started understanding what we were saying. He would grasp the single words we utter, and he would be able to point at them.

In the past couple of months, he started pointing to things in context as and when we told him to. He would also be able to repeat simple syllable words. Sriram also started asking us for food with his words like 'mummum', and to go out for a stroll as 'bai bai'.

It was a surprise for me today, when I called home and Nisha gave the phone to him. I asked him what he was doing. He answered 'mummum' (When I asked him he was eating). Then, I asked if he was eating without crying, he answered in the affirmative with 'ahn'. Then I told him to give the phone to mother. He promptly handed over the phone to Nisha(Subhashree) – my wife.
This is a key development for a kid which as a parent, one cherishes. Me and Nisha pleasantly surprised and cherished, when he replied and reacted to my questions in context.

This was first viva-voce conducted with Sriram, and he came out with flying colours.


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