Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My conversation with Sriram

As the Mom had written, Sriram talks a pre-set English conversation. It goes something like this:
Us : Do you know English
Sriram: Yes, I know
Us: How old are you?
Sriram: I am Too
Us: How are you?
Sriram: I am fine, thanks
Us: What is your name?
Sriram: My name ish G. Seeyaam
Us: What is your father's name?
Sriram: Gudhupasath
Us: What is your Mother's name?
Sriram: Izaa

The best part of this conversation is, when I try extending this conversation by saying something and affixing, "Is this correct?" or "Am I right?"...and he picks up the part that he needs to get the last word, and answers as "correct" or "right"...

And we are one helluva proud parents...fulll of smiles...:-)


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