Wednesday, August 31, 2005

'Tata bye bye' in UK

[Guru: Last sunday - Aug 28 2005, myself, wife - Subhashree and Sriram attended an Indian blogger meet in UK at Hammersmith. We said Sriram is also a blogger, because there is a blog for him. We had blog updates from blogger meet participants. I said to Sriram that everyone in their blog has written that Sriram is also a blogger, and referred to his blog. Sriram then wanted to narrate the blog meet in his own way. And here it is...]

This is my first post in this blog of mine. Appa and amma took me 'tata bye-bye' a couple of days back...very very jokey and happy for me. We went in so many trains.

Appa was saying 'tube'. He doesnt know a train and a tube. Tube means tube...train means train...appa doesnt know.

We went to a hotel, and there were lot of mama and aunty. I also saw Anirudh's appa - Chakra uncle. First I forgot him. So I cried, then i remembered he is Anirudh appa.

I had my own chair in that hotel. Appa, amma and everyone had to sit in a small chair...but I had a 'HIGH chair'. Amma gave me "mummum".
All were talking - except amma...paavam, she was giving me mummum. Then, one gundu uncle called us, and we changed the seat near him. Gundu uncle was very very funny...he was talking and one gundu aunty was also talking so must have been very jokey...because amma, another small aunty, anirudh appa, varsha akka's appa, one mottai mama -- all were laughing for everything. I didnt understand why they laughed, but I also laughed Ha ha ha...

Later on amma told Gundu uncle name was Praveen, Gundu aunty name was Neha, small and nice aunty (she gave me her cell phone when I asked her "Thaa..."; I pressed all buttons, she didnt say anything at all..she was smiling always...but appa will shout if I keep pressing buttons on amma's cell phone) was Radhika. Varsha akka's appa name was Ranga (but appa and amma were telling him as dubukku...apdinna enna?).

Mottai mama is not from here...he has come in plane from america. His name was Anand. Ahh...I forgot, there was another mama by the same name - Anand. But he had long hair like amma and other aunty. Tamasha irunthathu! Then there was a very very nice uncle. His name was Jag. That uncle and Anand mama were talking always.

All mama, aunty, appa and amma are very bad. They were talking in some language, and Jag mama didnt understand it at all. Amma and appa also do it like this. They talk in another language. Amma calls it Tamil. I dont understand that either. I cry. So amma appa talk to me in Kannada. But Jag mama is a Nice mama, he didnt cry...he was laughing.

Then all went to a nearby park...they took photo. It is in chakra mama blog...i was seeing appa, and someone took photo...but it is ok...because amma took me photos later, and she has lot of my photos in her phone.

Apram, we went to Varsha akka house. She had lot of dolls. Another paappa was there...her name was..uuhmm..hmmm...adhvika. then we went in versha akka's appa car. We went in train, and waited for another train.

Amma gave me mummum again...I saw lot of train...I like eating and seeing train or car. But at home, there is no train. Thats why I cry for eating. Amma, appa dont know this at all.

In train, I felt very thaachi I slept.


And I got one new tooth. eeeeeeee..................................


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