Friday, November 24, 2006

Sriram at 32 months

Sriram can:

  • Go to toilet without fuss, basically potty trained
  • Ride his tricycle with ease.
  • recite three slokas and repeat all the rest when asked to say and recite two thirukkurals
  • identify which song is whose favorite on TV
  • recite numbers upto 20.
  • Identify numbers upto ten.
  • Colour with sketch pens, crayons, colour pencils and brush without creating too much of a mess.
  • Solve jigsaw puzzles and board puzzles.
  • Put his playthings in respective places
  • Help me around the house with small tasks
  • Understand and follow instructions to the point.
  • Ask incessant questions
  • Keep himself busy for hours together as well as be in company.
  • State what he wants without being adamant and also understand if he can’t get what he wants
  • Catch a big ball and throw it back.
  • Switch on the DVD player, put his favorite DVD and watch it
  • Say I love you too, I miss you too etc.
  • Identify and say words from dinosaurs to skeletons, all sea animals, wild animals, domestic animals, fruits, vegetables, colours, shapes, parts of the body, vehicles, etc

He likes

  • Painting
  • Riding his tricycle
  • Talking over the phone
  • Talking generally to anywhere
  • Asking questions
  • Building blocks
  • Reading books
  • Sitting on his swing and watching T
  • Sitting at his table and chair and work on his puzzles, books, building blocks etc.
  • Watching his favorite songs on TV
  • Playing with his dad with ball and balloon
  • Talking with his mom about everything understand the sun especially about the much awaited baby.
  • Playing with his cousins, Prahalad and Tejaswini
  • Playing tochee, kaane.
  • Laughing when tickled
  • Learning new things, especially sun, moon, fire, water, stars, bones, dinosaurs etc.

He talks so much that I think I’ll go crazy replying to him. Sometimes, he talks like a big guy and sometimes like how a toddler should talk. Some of the things that he asks are so endearing. Like the other day, we were talking about the baby in my tummy and he was like ‘naanu nin poppala konchaththu idhdhuttu barla?’ which means, ‘Shall I also stay in your tummy for sometime and come out?’.

I don’t know what he has understood about the baby-in-mom’s-tummy. But he is eagerly waiting for its arrival so that he can talk, teach nursery rhymes, numbers and play with his brother/sister. I’m sometimes apprehensive that he might not take to the baby’s arrival easily, but then he’s been around a toddler and a baby for almost three to four months that I don’t think he’ll know much difference. Basically, he is a very adjusting, intelligent and understanding kid. He doesn’t throw tantrums and accepts whatever explanation we give him if it is logical to him. So, let us see.

I wish the next one is also as sweet and maintenance – free as Sriram is. I’m hoping for too much I guess!


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