Monday, April 02, 2007

Sriram turns three

Now that the baby is three months old, I can safely say that we didn't have to deal with sibling rivalry from Sriram's side. Yes, he gets jealous sometimes, but any one of us is there to include him in every activity we do with the baby. And since he is the big anna and the baby doesn't know anything, he is generally happy.

The brat also completed three years on this Saturday. He got loads of gifts and was generally going crazy with all the new toys. On his star birthday, he sang a song and recited a couple of slokas in the Anjaneya temple, near our home in front of a gathering (of around 30 people). He was just amazing, we thought he'd be stage-scared or whatever, but he sat in front of the mike and did what he has to do without fuss. Really sweet.

Guru might upload the video and put the url in the blog. We'll have to wait sometime for it.


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